Weddings - Eye 2 Eye Portraits


Photographing a wedding is a big deal

Whether it’s for a client who spent 2 years planning to throw a bash for 500 people,

or a friend who is getting hitched in their parents’ backyard,

we only get one chance to shoot a wedding. No do-overs.

It is a major event woven into the fabric of the lives of two people.

Poetic right? But seriously, think about it.

Why do we photograph weddings? 

To tell the story of this beginning, so that it can be remembered, and shared with future generations.

This is a really big deal.

Wedding photos are a legacy.

They are images that you can guarantee will be looked at 10, 20, and even 50 years from now.

That can’t be said about most other photographs.

Wedding albums are saved from burning houses all the time.

These pictures have serious value.

When you’re creating your images,

think about the grandchildren that will one day look at the photos.

We have an amazing opportunity to tell them something about their past,

and to communicate the love that was responsible for their existence. 

For these reasons,

one of the big concepts that we adhere to with our  wedding photography is timelessness.

To us, timelessness means working to create images that will be appreciated today and 50 years from now.

That doesn't mean that we only shot formal images or safe photos.

We have a modern approach, do lots of fun and silly stuff, use specialty lenses and graphics.

But at the core we are telling a story about you, the couple, and the relationship you value most in the world.

Let us tell your story!

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